Etheric-Body Butter

Adorn your soul with experiences that heal it


What is the Etheric body?

The etheric body is just another name given to the subtle body or vital body described in many esoteric philosophies as the Human Energy field also referenced as the Aura. Eheric-Body Butters not only adresses the needs of the largest organ of the Human body  but provides well deserved nourishment to the energetic  body as well. Infused with  both Reiki and Crystal Healing energy beautifully blended with 6 other organic and natural ingredients our Etheric-Body butter is an all inclusive healing and hydrating full body moisturizer that can be applied to hair, skin and nails. 


Healing Hadarr, handmade Body Butters are made fresh and all natural. Made from Just 7 organic and natural ingredients with no preservatives your product will stay fresh without refrigeration  for 3-6 months .  Made with 7 simple ingredients

1.shea butter butter

3.avacado oil

4.argan oi.

5. essemtial oil blend

6.bee wax

7.crystal-reiki energy & Love 

It  may please you to know that we take healing energy very seriously. All the hands that make these butters ar certified in reiki healing. While making this product we are cautious to avoid stress,obstain from processed food and alchohol, or anything that could deminish and slow  the potencey of the universal healing energy flowing through out hand into the product you will recive. All products are cleared and fortified by a reiki master 



"sequoiamoss on Apr 24, 2016

5 out of 5 stars

This Shea Butter is the best ever. He HAD eczema. His legs are now smooth as can be and all his dry patches have disappeared. I is great for all skin and everyone in my home is using it in their hair including my husband's beard so I'm almost out. Great product from a great person who loves what she does! I now use it in my salon as well. I have also bought soap it works great for your face, body and hair. She has lifetime customers here! Thank you Healing Hadarr!"


— Etsy Reviewer




So whats the story?...

My name is Ru, and i am an energy healer. 10 years ago after giving birth to my first son I developed a heart condition called SVT, but that wasnt all ... I was a stressed out single mother having gone through a very traumatic pregnancy and my body was literally quitting on me. My condition would cause me to randomely pass out and have seizures in the middle of the street. I saw so many doctors and was put on so many medications that a lierally felt my clock ticking down with every single day. I dont know how i went on like that for almost two whole years but as i begain to stregthen my Faith in God He allowed me to discover energy healing and become medication free! My practice has been growing ever since. From creating crystal healing jewelry to now coaching others on how to heal thier own energy bodies and everything in between.

Now I know allot of ppl make wonderful Shea and body products! I wouldn't have even entered the market of homemade body care accept that I saw a need for something that wasn't being offered as much ... Personal care products that Heal and balance! 


My products are Reiki infused with Healing crystals inside, so with every order you will add a beautiful new energetic stone to your collection! At same time you can also use my products to assist with balancing meditation and healing

Perfect for those who like their body products like they like thier food

Made fresh with No preservatives

All natural and Nutrient enriched

Chemical and Animal Free!