Ha ore

Ore is Hebrew for light. The title of this post is The Light, which is appropriate for my first entry I believe because it sets a tone for the basis and purpose of this blog. Its not just about my journey with crystal healing and other energetic healing practices. I intend on also helping others to be able to find the space inside their own situations to start practices of light. By just sharing my personal experiences and how this path is working for me maybe it could help someone else on thier journey.

What is a "light practice"? ....why it's magic of course.  (Insert creepy wink and smirk ) Well actually it can be a bit different for everyone. For me, my light practice begins with Torah. I see no coincidence in that between the t and the ah is a brightly shinning light. My light practice begins there. A light path for others may begin some place else. It is simply the path to effectuation of the unification of mind body spirit and universe. It is a path of healing with positive energy. It is a practice that we must grow bit by bit. Whith the decision we make to reach for the knowledge inside our Higher selves we are finding our path and practicing light.

      One thing I believe is a great tool for this path aside from Mshlay (the wise sayings of the Proverbs) are crystals. Thier structure scientifically and spiritually interacts with our own in a way that helps prepare our mind , body and emotions for healing and unification and they can be a great asset on your path of light and love if you allow it.

  I'm looking forward to the journey with you. Please feel free to connect with me via email Instagram fb or snapchat or comment with questions or responses or just your personal experiences.Just remember I'm not here to convince you of what I believe but rather to share my belief and experience. You need only to keep whatever you find useful for your practice.


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